Form 8-K

A report of submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission when unscheduled material events result in conditions that shareholders should be made aware of. A Form 8-K is also referred to as a “current report.”

A number of unscheduled material events may result in a requirement to file a Form 8-K. Filing for bankruptcy, entry or termination into a material definitive agreement, completion of an acquisition, unregistered sale of equity securities, material modifications to the rights of security holders, changes in control of the affected company, departure or election of major officers/directors within the company and passing amendments to the company’s articles of incorporation and/or code of ethics are all examples of unscheduled material events that will likely result in a need to file a Form 8-K. The deadlines associated with filing Form 8-K disclosures are tight. In general, a company only has four days from the occurrence of the unscheduled material event before a Form 8-K must be received by the SEC.



Executive:  We’re going to need you to file a Form 8-K for bankruptcy.

Attorney:  Your company hasn’t even broke even in years. This isn’t a surprise.