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Organizational Meeting

1. The initial meeting of a company, auditors, underwriters and attorneys preparing a company for an initial public offering.

An organizational meeting of this kind is usually convened to review the timetable for the proposed offering. Why is a meeting necessary? The process of completing an initial public offering is complex. It is critical that all of the key actors remain “on the same page” in order to better ensure the success of the IPO.

During the organization meeting, delegation of responsibilities, scheduling, any concerns raised about the IPO, the structure of the offering, regulatory/reporting compliance and financial priorities should all be discussed. It is not often that all key actors meet in this way in advance of an IPO, so it is important to use one’s time in a focused and efficient manner.

2. A gathering of like-minded individuals brought together by a common purpose. Like, when all the little boys in the Little Rascals cast meet in their clubhouse in order to participate in “He-Man Woman Hater” activities. Even Alfalfa, who is totally in love with Darla and obviously doesn’t hate women. Perhaps organizational meetings don’t require that the participants are like-minded… only that they PROFESS to be like-minded. Someone should write a psychology book about the contradictions inherent in the leadership of the He-Man Woman-Hater’s Club.



Startup Founder: “Are you ready for the organizational meeting? I have some concerns about the structure of the offer I need to bounce off of everyone in addition to the other items on the agenda.”

Executive: “You bet. Was ready last week. Totally prepared. No problem. Ready when you are.”

Startup Founder: “You forgot about it, didn’t you?”

Executive: “…yeah.”