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  1. The return of an investor’s principal through either sale of mutual fund units or return of principal in a fixed income security at either at a premium or at par price. The redemption process may result in a capital loss or gain, depending on the circumstances.
  2. The act of saving or being saved from perceived ill, including sin, evil, mistakes. For example, “Joe was redeemed for his errors in judgment when he finally became a Green Bay Packers fan and renounced his allegiance to the Minnesota Vikings.”



Wife: “I told our financial adviser to sell some of our mutual fund units, so we’ll be coming into some money soon after the redemption process wraps up.”

Spouse: “Does this mean what I think it means?”

Wife: (Sighs.) “Yes.”

Spouse: “NICE. Everyone needs a new flat screen now and again, don’t you think?”

Wife: “I really don’t.”

Spouse: “Too late! You already said I could have one! Muahahaha.”

Wife: “And with that, I am leaving for the bookstore. You will need to enjoy your fake evil laugh alone.”

Spouse: “Indeed I will, hon. Muahahahaha.”