Cruise Automation*

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A self-driving car service designed for the cities we love.

For those not aware, what does
Cruise do? 

At Cruise, we are building the world’s most advanced, all-electric, self-driving car technology to safely connect people with the places, things, and experiences they care about. Self-driving cars will help save lives, reimagine cities, redefine time in transit, and restore freedom of movement for individuals who live in dense urban settings. Since our 2013 founding in San Francisco, we have hired over 1,500 talented individuals and opened additional offices in greater Seattle, Pasadena, and Phoenix. We have raised $7.25B from General Motors, Honda, Softbank, T. Rowe Price, and others.

Through our partnerships with GM and Honda, we are the only self-driving car company with fully integrated manufacturing at scale. Together, we believe our world-class partners, deep resources, and technology approach of “hardest challenges first” will help shave years off of our timeline to launch all-electric, self-driving vehicles at scale.

Thomas Scott.
Lead Counsel, Cruise Automation
Thomas Scott Cruise

How would you describe your
role at Cruise?

I'm responsible for Privacy, Ethics & Compliance. It's a wide-ranging set of responsibilities, which includes leading our California Consumer Privacy Act readiness efforts as we scale our business, build our brand, and prepare for deployment.

Talented Individuals
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Year Founded
A self-driving car service designed for the cities we love.  

Why did you choose to work
with LawTrades?

We had a need for additional privacy law support. This was going to be our team's first time seeking flexible legal personnel, so I wanted to run a thoughtful process we could learn from (and of course, for it to be a successful test case). I was in touch with a few ALSPs and also exploring secondments from law firms.

I saw a LawTrades ad on TechGC and, though I hadn't previously heard of them, reached out. They came into the process a bit later than others, but were super responsive and caught up. At the end of the day, the decision came down to the quality and fit of the individuals LawTrades presented to us, considered together with pricing and other terms we needed. LawTrades made the background check, sign-on, and on boarding smooth, too. 

How has LawTrades been able
to help Cruise?

The LawTrades attorney supporting our team has been tremendously valuable. He's a subject-mater expert, bringing years of relevant experience to the table. He's also proven to be an effective collaborator across our company. So, LawTrades helped us in two ways. First, they presented us with vetted candidates, which enabled us to run an expedited process and bring-on the support we needed quickly. Second, the talent they connected us with has borne out and contributed to our team's goals. 

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