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Can someone on L2 visa start working on EAD receipt?

It’s important for a person to have an EAD on hand before he can start working. The great news is that once you have an EAD, it is valid for two years, plus the benefit of having the the EAD renewed so long as you are still in L-2 status. Questions like this seem to […]

Can one get green card while on TN visa?

Immigration processes rely heavily on intent.  It’s imperative for the TN holder to have the intent of returning to his home country while a green card holder should have the intent to stay in the US. Having a TN visa doesn’t mean that you can’t get a green card, but your situation will be heavily […]

How can I check if a quote is trademarked or copyrighted?

Conduct an extensive search. There are free and “easy to use” options available. But take note that IP searches are not as easy as you think. There are phrases or quotes that aren’t as common under copyright protection, but as other answers have indicated, it does happen. Most of your concerns will center on your […]

At what point do I need a patent for something I created?

One episode of Shark Tank shows a person who has this great and totally unique idea. The investors are on board and things seem to be moving in the right direction. Then, one of them (usually Mr. Wonderful) will ask if it has a patent. That’s when Mr. Wonderful will ask, “So what stops me […]

What expenses should a startup in its early stages absolutely not avoid?

Certainly, there are people who know more than you. Invest in them.  Do not be afraid to hire professional like lawyers. Do not be misguided into believing that hiring experts is equivalent to throwing your money out the window.  This simply isn’t the case.  Yes, I understand you need to be frugal. And you should […]

How do I decide on compensation for myself in my own startup?

In any new business, deciding on how much to pay yourself can certainly be a tricky question. There are two primary considerations to keep in made when making this decisions: The Business Aspect The Tax Aspect  Business aspect speaking, you’ll need to determine what number is going to adequately compensate you for your time, commitment, […]

Do US tech companies still sponsor H1B visas for foreign employees?

Yes, tech companies still sponsor H1-B visas.  Nevertheless, there has been a bit of a shift. The jury is yet to speak on a new reform that is being introduced in the House and the Senate. What’s interesting is that for the first time in 4 years tech-based positions have decreased, suggesting that maybe people […]

What is the most hassle-free way to get a US green card apart from marriage?

If marriage is not your goal in getting a green card, then there are a few options for you. Take note that the green card process isn’t simple. Some other considerations include: Employment opportunities: immigrant worker, investor if you qualify for the physician waiver. Special immigrant: examples include religious worker or international broadcaster. If you […]