401k Rollover Request

When to use 401k Rollover Request

Many Americans are unaware of the fact that if they leave one position of employment for another, their benefits, including any 401k contributions they may have made over the course of their employment, do not automatically transfer to their accounts associated with their new job. In order to transfer 401k funds from one employer-sponsored account to another, an individual must make an explicit 401k rollover election request. The process of making such a request is relatively straightforward. You can use this template to communicate your 401k rollover authorization clearly and efficiently. The most important thing is that you simply take the time to make this effort. Otherwise, your 401k funds will simply be sitting in an account somewhere instead of benefiting from becoming part of an active 401k plan.


If you have transitioned your employment situation from one job to another and have not yet transferred your 401k funds to a new, active account, you can use this 401k rollover request form to accomplish that goal. It is important to invest a bit of time and effort into finalizing this transition as soon as you can. Americans are a notoriously busy people. As a result, a staggering number of Americans simply never rollover their 401k funds and their accounts languish. Sometimes they are forgotten entirely. If you have started a new job, take a few minutes to safeguard your retirement by rolling over your existing 401k funds.
Please note that if you are opting to retire at this time, you can also use this form to rollover 401k funds to a new account accessible during your retirement years.

Alternative Names

401k Rollover
401k Rollover Election Notification
401k Notification
401k Rollover Form
401k Rollover Verification
401k Rollover Authorization