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Acceptance of Service

When to use Acceptance of Service

When an individual or business becomes a significant party to legal action that they did not initiate, that individual or business is supposed to be formally served with legal papers. However, there are times when the other party to a legal matter does not properly follow protocol regarding formal service of legal documentation. This can become a tricky situation to navigate, as formal service is generally a bright line requirement during the initiation of a legal action. If formal service requirements are not observed, it can sometimes be difficult to respond to a legal action promptly and properly. Filing an acceptance of service form can help ensure that the process progresses as quickly and smoothly as possible under the circumstances.


If you have received copies of legal documents related to the initiation of a legal action but these documents were not formally served, you may be wondering how to proceed. If you choose to file an acceptance of service form, you will effectively waive your right to receive formal service as it pertains to the legal action you are facing. Waiving this right will allow you to “get on with” the process at hand without waiting for the other party to go through the motions of formal service.

It is important to note that formal service of documents tends to “start the clock” in regards to your response to the legal action at hand. If you have any questions about whether it could help or hurt you to waive the time it will take to be formally served, please do not hesitate to speak with your attorney.

Alternative Names

Acceptance of Service Process
Receipt and Acceptance of Service Form
Waiver of Service