Accounting Contract

Use this accounting contract to retain the services of a professional accountant.


  • Hiring an accountant
  • Clarifying the terms of service and conditions applied to an accountant-client relationship


If you own a business or just need help with the family finances, you may want to consider hiring an accountant. However, whenever you hire a service professional, you must ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and conditions for the job. Whether you are hiring an accountant for your home or your business, you can use this step-by-step form to create an accounting contract that fits your needs.

Accountants can provide several helpful financial services. An accountant can provide you with advice regarding your finances and tax situation as well as keep records for you. Accountants are typically experts at tax issues, so they can help you figure out how to manage your finances in compliance with applicable tax laws. Accountants can also manage a tax audit brought by the IRS or state division of taxes, but any potential legal liability under tax laws should be discussed in consultation with an attorney.

Accountants can help you get organized and remain compliant with all financial and tax-related regulations. Sometimes accountants are helpful when you are trying to secure a loan or develop a financial plan for your home or business, so if you are considering hiring an accountant use this interactive form to create an agreement that will create the framework for a successful accountant-client relationship.