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Activity Release of Liability

An activity release of liability releases a business or person from liability associated with risk from a particular activity.


  • Reducing your financial or legal liability for potentially risky activities performed by your business
  • Reducing your financial or legal liability for potentially risky activities performed under your supervision or on your property


From driving a car to handling important documents, many everyday business activities carry some degree of physical or economic risk. It is important to consider your potential legal or financial liability in the event that someone under your care or supervision is harmed. An activity release of liability can be a helpful way to protect yourself from legal liability for potential injuries or damages. Many activities that are part of our everyday working and personal lives are physically or financially risky. From operating machinery to working with animals, many of our daily activities involve a risk of physical harm. Additionally, when you entrust employees and business partners with access to financial accounts and important legal documents, you may be exposing yourself to legal or financial liability if these documents are mishandled. By using this interactive form, you can create an activity release of liability that is customized to suit the needs of your home or business. Regardless of the risk of harm you are trying to protect against, this customizable form can be crafted to suit your needs. Shielding yourself from liability for risky activities is an important step in protecting your personal and business assets, so consider drafting your activity release of liability today.