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Administrative Services Contract

What you need to know about
Administrative Services Contract

Use this administrative services contract to hire administrative support professionals.


  • Hiring an administrative assistant for your business
  • Hiring an administrative assistant to help you with a temporary or part-time project


If you own a business or just need help organizing your personal finances, you may want to consider hiring an administrative assistant. Whenever you hire a person to work with your personal documents, however, you must ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and conditions for the job. Whether you are hiring an administrative assistant for your business or to just help you get your documents in order, you can use this step-by-step form to create an administrative services contract that fits your needs.

Administrative assistants can help you with the tasks that often come with running a business. Common administrative activities include basic bookkeeping and recordkeeping activities, as well as some human resources management if you happen to have employees. Administrative assistants can also be helpful for a temporary hire on personal projects, such as sending out a large mailing of wedding invitations or holiday greetings. Administrative assistants are often the first employee a new business owner will hire, as these individuals can be very helpful in tracking and organizing all of the activity that goes into establishing a new business.

Administrative assistants can help you get organized and operate a business or personal project more efficiently. However, it is critical to making sure that any agreement for administrative services is clear and accurate. If you are considering hiring an accountant use this interactive form to create a customized agreement that will create the framework for a successful professional relationship between you and your administrative assistant.

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