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Affidavit of Correction

When to use Affidavit of Correction

An affidavit of correction may allow you to correct a mistake that has been made on a form or other official record. Mistakes are commonplace and understandable. But it is important that mistakes affecting the accuracy of official records are clarified as soon and as completely as possible. Whether you misstated your address when completing your car title or your child’s birth certificate needs to be corrected due to a spelling error, submitting a legal declaration of this kind can help to ensure you’re your official records are accurate. Making a sworn statement via a notarized affidavit of correction can help you to achieve this important goal.


At any time that you need to make a correction in an official capacity, you may be able to use an affidavit of correction in order to do so. Specifically, if you have made a mistake or submitted incomplete information to an insurance company, a bank, a lender, a government agency or other party of consequence, providing an affidavit of correction can help to rectify the situation.

With that said, there are instances when an affidavit of correction may need to be accompanied by additional documentation in order to “undo” your mistake. For example, if you made miscalculations on your tax return, you may need to submit corrected calculations and supporting documentation as well as an affidavit of correction when you communicate with the Internal Revenue Service. An attorney can help to clarify what additional steps you may need to take if you are facing a complex situation involving submission of incorrect and/or incomplete information to an agency, person or organization of consequence.

Alternative Names

Sworn Declaration of Correction
Sworn Statement of Correction
Legal Declaration of Correction
Correction Affidavit