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Affidavit of Lost Document

When to use Affidavit of Lost Document

Everybody misplaces important items from time to time. When an essential court document is misplaced, the situation can understandably inspire panic. After all, legal documents are consequential by their very nature and therefore losing one is no small matter. This is perhaps especially true when an individual is in need of a certified copy of a specific court document for one reason or another. Certified documents are not generally as easy to replace as ordinary, uncertified copies. Thankfully, replacing a lost or otherwise misplaced certified court document is usually a relatively low-stress process. Using an affidavit of lost document form can help you to obtain a certified, original copy of your misplaced document from the court.


An affidavit of lost document allows you to make a sworn statement insisting that the document you are requesting is indeed lost. It is important to be accurate when composing your affidavit of lost document as this form must be made under oath. Once it is notarized, it will have legal effect. Once the court can confirm (with the authority that stems from your sworn statement) that your document is indeed missing, it will generally be empowered to issue you a certified, “original” replacement.

If you have any questions about whether you do, in fact, need a certified replacement for the document you are missing or whether an uncertified copy will do, please don’t hesitate to connect with your attorney. There are times when it is not necessary to obtain a certified copy of a specific document, which makes the process of obtaining a replacement relatively straightforward. Your attorney may even be able to provide you with an uncertified copy from his or her files.

Alternative Names

Affidavit of Missing Document
Request for Certified Replacement of Court Document
Confirmation of Missing Document and Replacement Request