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Affidavit of Name Change

When to use Affidavit of Name Change

For any number of reasons, you may use various names (or name variations) on different documents. Perhaps you use your legal middle name as your first name. Or perhaps you use either a lengthened or shortened version of your legal first name on some documentation. Maybe you have two last names and you only write out one on some documents and both on others. Whatever your circumstances, if you need to legally clarify that your name has either changed or that you use different versions of your name on different documents, an affidavit of name change can help you to achieve that goal. This sworn statement can help you to verify your identity for different legal purposes.


If you need to legally clarify your name due to a change, use of name variations and/or inconsistent name usage, an affidavit of name change can help you to accomplish this clarification. Whether you need to submit clarification to the courts, an employer, your child’s school district, an insurer or another interested party, this document will serve as a sworn statement that you are who you insist that you are, even if your name appears differently in different contexts. Please make sure to fill out this form accurately and completely before you take it to be formally notarized. Once submitted as a sworn statement, it carries the weight of a legal document.

It is important to note that this document may be used for any legal name clarification purposes, whether your name has been legally changed in the past or you voluntarily use name variations on different documents.

Alternative Names

Affidavit of Same Name
Change of Name Affidavit Form
Affidavit of One and the Same