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Affidavit of Ownership

When to use Affidavit of Ownership

Obtaining a certified title of sale can be beneficial if you are looking to purchase valuable property. That way, you can observe proof that the property you are purchasing was sold on a certain date and by a specific seller. Similarly, producing a certified title of sale allows you to verify that you are the current owner of a specific asset and that you obtained that asset on a specific date and in a specific way. However, not all property acquired by businesses and by individuals is necessarily accompanied by a certified title of sale. Thankfully, buyers and sellers can use affidavits of ownership in order to confirm the origins of how an owner came into possession of specific property.

When you cannot obtain a certified title or bill of sale, this documentation can help to explain when (and where and from what source) property was purchased or inherited by its current owner. This documentation is particularly useful when trying to confirm ownership origins of real property or motor vehicles of any kind.

Please note that an affidavit of ownership is not the same as an affidavit of title. An affidavit of ownership allows an individual to trace how ownership status associated with specific property was obtained. An affidavit of title simply confirms ownership of property but does not necessarily explore the origins of how that ownership status came to be.


If you have either been asked to make a formal declaration concerning ownership of certain property or you would like to obtain this kind of declaration from another property owner, this document can help you to achieve those goals. Please note that once this document is notarized, it carries legal weight. As you are swearing to its accuracy under oath, it is critically important to fill out this form accurately and completely.

Alternative Names

Declaration of Ownership
Ownership Affidavit