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Affidavit of Title

When to use Affidavit of Title

Having a certified title of sale can be helpful if you are looking to sell valuable property, lend property to a non-profit or otherwise verify that you are the current owner of a specific asset. Unfortunately, not all property acquired by an individual or business necessarily comes with a certified title of sale. Similarly, it can sometimes be difficult to track down a certified title of sale, especially if the property has not been sold in generations. Thankfully, filling out an affidavit of title can help you to prove ownership of property when you cannot obtain a certified title or bill of sale. Similarly, an affidavit of title can help those seeking to purchase property to obtain the assurances they need in regards to ownership and title-related information.

Please note that an affidavit of title is somewhat different from an affidavit of ownership. An affidavit of title confirms ownership. An affidavit of ownership helps to trace how ownership status was obtained.


Once filled out properly (honestly and completely) and notarized, an affidavit serves as a legal document. As a statement made under oath, an affidavit of title may serve as proof of ownership under a number of circumstances. If you have been asked to make a formal declaration concerning ownership of certain property, this document can help you to achieve that end.
Similarly, if you are looking to purchase property and would like to obtain assurances that the property you are seeking to purchase belongs to its alleged owner, you can provide this form to be properly completed. Doing so can also help you confirm that the property is unencumbered by legally challenging circumstances such as a lien or easement.

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