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Annual Corporate Report Request

When to use Annual Corporate Report Request

The federal government enforces very strict reporting requirements for publicly traded companies. These requirements are primarily designed to ensure that shareholders, potential investors, employees and the general public are granted access to important information related to corporate viability and profitability on a regular basis. Companies that are not publicly traded are not subject to the same scrutiny, but they still need to submit certain public information to the government on a regular basis. If you are interested in receiving a copy of a corporation’s annual report, all you need to do is ask. You may be unsure of how to go about making this request in an articulate, efficient and effective way. Thankfully, this template will allow you to accomplish that very goal.


If you are interested in investing in a company, are currently a corporate shareholder, are an employee or looking to secure employment with a specific company or are otherwise interested in browsing the contents of a company’s annual report, you can use this form to make a formal request. Annual reporting promotes transparency, especially because companies are held to a high standard (punishable by heavy fines and other consequences) if they are not complete and accurate in their reporting. Therefore, once you receive the report you have requested, you can feel confident about making informed decisions about your situation after reading its contents. Whether as an investor or employee, you can likely benefit from requesting and processing a company’s annual report. This template allows you to make that request easily, so take care to save a copy for your files in case you want to request a future annual report from the same corporation.

Alternative Names

Corporate Report Request
Corporate Reporting Request
Request for Copy of Annual Report