Automobile Bill of Sale

An automobile bill of sale creates an official record for the purchase or sale of a motor vehicle.


  • Purchasing an automobile
  • Selling an automobile


A bill of sale is a document that legally transfers ownership of goods from one person or business to another. Bills of sale are used in many different transactions involving the exchange of valuable objects, and in some cases, they are required by law. Most jurisdictions require a bill of sale to record the transfer of an automobile from one person to another. Several states, including Louisiana, Maryland, Nebraska, West Virginia, and Wyoming, require the automobile bill of sale to be executed by the parties before a notary. This helpful form will guide you through the process of drafting an accurate and compliant automobile bill of sale that you can use to document a vehicle sale or purchase. Even in jurisdictions where an automobile bill of sale is not required for the legal transfer of a vehicle, it is best practice to use these documents for your personal records. Automobiles are valuable assets, and you do not want there to be any confusion regarding their ownership. In the event that there is a future dispute about the chain of title for a vehicle, an automobile bill of sale may help you prove your rights in court.