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Use this bad check notice to officially notify someone that they have made a payment with a check that was denied for insufficient funds.


  • Notifying someone that they have paid you with a check that was not honored by their bank
  • Establishing evidence of non-payment in case of a dispute.


If you accept personal checks, you are more than likely going to be faced with a situation where payment on a check is refused by the bank. This is usually due to insufficient funds in the account upon which the check was drawn, and is more often than not due to simple accounting error, but regardless of the cause you are still owed your money. Use this bad check notice to let the writer of a personal check know that the payment did not go through and you are still owed money.

Sending someone a bad check notice gives them the opportunity to cure any mistake or defect that led to the bank refusing payment on their check. However, it can also initiate negotiations in the event that the check was intentionally cancelled to withhold payment. Bad checks are not always mistakes – sometimes, they are the initiation of a dispute or an attempt to defraud. If you have accepted a check that was subsequently denied by the check writer’s bank, use this interactive form to help make sure your rights are properly preserved.

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