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Bid Form

Use this bid form when submitting an offer or proposal for a contract.


  • Submitting a bid in response to a formal request for proposals
  • Offering to perform some service or supply some good in exchange for payment or some other value.


A bid is often the first step toward landing a new customer, and contractors always benefit from making a good presentation. Additionally, a bid becomes binding once accepted, so contractors are wise to craft these documents carefully and make sure that have a clear understanding of all terms and conditions.

Before making a bid, you should be clear on exactly what you are offering, to whom you are offering it, and the value or “consideration” that you will receive in exchange for fulfilling the terms of the agreement. You must also follow all instructions in any documents the project owner has provided, as missing or incomplete information in a bid will often lead to it being rejected without consideration. What’s worse, in cases where inaccurate offers are accepted, you can be bound to the terms of your bid even if they were included as a mistake. As a result, bids should be drafted and reviewed carefully before they are submitted. If you have questions or concerns about your bid or the bidding process, consider consulting an attorney.

Your bid may be competing against several others, so you should make sure that your bid form is clear, well-organized, accurate, and complete.

This template will help you create a bid form that can be used when you’re trying to land your next big contract. You can use this interactive bid form to customize a response to a request for proposals that meets all of the project owner’s requirements and helps your bid stand out from the crowd.