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Birth Certificate Request Letter

When to use Birth Certificate Request Letter

This request letter can help you to obtain a certified copy of your birth certificate. This is one of the most critically important legal documents available and you should have a copy on file at all times, if at all possible. In the U.S., an individual’s birth certificate may be requested and/or required for a number of reasons. Some of these requests are highly time-sensitive, so it is beneficial to have a copy of one’s certified birth certificate at all times.

Depending on your individual circumstances (including where you live, your job description and your state’s unique laws) you may need to present a copy of your birth certificate in order to obtain a driver’s license, purchase certain forms of insurance, obtain a passport, attend school, accept a job, file for child support, etc. There are any number of circumstances under which you may need to produce a certified copy of your birth record, so having one on file is important.
Please note that your state may require a processing fee that must be paid when you make your request. Consider consulting your state’s website before you submit your request for more details on fees and where to submit your request letter.


A certified copy of your birth certificate will serve as proof that you were born in a specific place, on a specific date and to specific parents. If you do not currently have a certified copy of your birth certificate on file, you can use this letter to request one from the state agency that issues this documentation.

Alternative Names

Request for Birth Certificate
Request for U.S. Birth Verification
Request for Proof of U.S. Birth