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Business Contract

This business contract sets up an exchange for goods or services between businesses.


  • Your business is buying or selling goods to another business.
  • Your business is providing or receiving a professional service from another business.


Most of us think of businesses as organizations that deal with consumers. However, many businesses buy and sell things to other businesses. Some businesses, like specialized equipment manufacturers, management consulting firms, and commercial construction contractors, deal with other businesses almost exclusively.

When your clients are other businesses, they typically expect a certain level of formality and professionalism. If your company provides goods and services to another business, use this interactive form to create a clear, accurate, and formal agreement between you and your client. This business contract can be customized to include specific terms regarding payment, scope of work, the relevant timeframe for the exchange, and other details of a business-to-business transaction.

Whenever you are buying or selling any goods or services, it’s always a good idea to get the terms of the agreement in writing. Doing so doesn’t only make sure that everyone is clear regarding the expectations of the deal, it also protects you in case a conflict arises in the future. Setting the terms of an exchange in writing provides valuable contemporaneous evidence of the parties’ intent at the time the agreement was made, and this is often highly regarded by courts hearing breach of contract claims. If you are considering buying or selling goods or services in a business-to-business transaction, consider using this interactive form to create a customized business contract that works for you.