Business Entity Planning Worksheet

This Business Entity Planning Worksheet helps entrepreneurs and business owners organize of how, why, and where your new business should be formed.


  • Individuals are considering forming a new company or expanding/altering existing corporate structure.
  • Developing a plan regarding business operation, financing, liability, and structure.


Every great business starts with a good idea, but entrepreneurs must have a plan in order to turn their vision into reality. The various types of businesses recognized by law – including sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies, and corporations – all function in different ways. Additionally, formative documents like corporate Articles of Incorporation and bylaws often require business owners to commit to future company policies regarding liability, financing, and management structure.

The initial form and function of your business can have a major impact on its future operations and ultimate likelihood of success. This Business Entity Planning Worksheet can help prospective entrepreneurs decide the best way to structure their new business. The worksheet asks questions regarding operations, liability, and financing for your new business and provides relevant information based on your input. After working through this interactive form, current and prospective business owners.

This Business Entity Planning Worksheet is a helpful tool for new entrepreneurs working through the preliminary decisions that must be made before starting or expanding their companies.