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Business Fact Sheet

Use this business fact sheet to compile basic facts about your business.


  • Starting a new business.
  • Organizing information about your existing business into one place.


For those among us who have started new businesses or are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs, we know that building a new business can be a huge undertaking. Staying organized when creating and operating a business is critical, and thankfully there are many common forms and practices that will help you do just that. A business fact sheet helps new and existing companies stay organized by creating a single document where various important facts about your business can be stored. By using this form to create a business fact sheet, business owners and managers will be able to create an easy reference for important company information. Many everyday business transactions involve the same type of information, such as the business’ employer identification number (EIN), principal purpose, management, employees, assets, loans, insurance policies, and other agreements. Compiling all of this information into an easy-to-access fact sheet can help your business stay organized and efficient. Alternatively, you can use this interactive form to track the development of your startup. By creating multiple revisions of this business fact sheet over time, you can keep track of important benchmarks in the overall success of your business.