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Business Loan Application

A business loan application initiates the process of raising debt capital to fund your business.


  • Preparing to take out a loan to support your business
  • Organizing the information that you would need to take out a business loan in the future


A business loan is debt taken out specifically for business purposes. Like all other loans, business loans involve a principal amount borrowed that must be repaid with added interest. However, unlike other loans, the repayment of the loan is tied to the success of your business. As a result, bankers reviewing business loan applications look for specific information that helps them decide whether an investment in your company is worth the risk. Business loans may be unsecured if the business owners have good credit and can demonstrate a viable business plan, but they often require security. This security can be real estate, an up-front cash payment, or some other collateral that a bank requires before giving out a loan to your business. Many businesses require loans to get started, and this business loan application can help you understand the details required for this sort of transaction to take place. This business loan application provides an easy format that you can use to detail the operations of your business and why you are requesting a loan. The interactive form also gives you the opportunity to add optional provisions, such as a listing of guarantors on the loan or credit references.