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A business proposal is a written offer that explains the details of some exchange between a business and its investors, customers, or partners.


  • Preparing a formal or informal bid or offer.
  • Responding to an advertisement or request for proposals.


A business proposal is an offer of some good, service, or monetary amount in exchange for something the business needs from an external party, known as “consideration.” A business proposal is often the first step toward creating a legally-binding contract, so business owners and managers must craft these documents carefully. If you are considering offering a business deal to one of your partners, associates, or clients, use this interactive form to create a business proposal that meets all of your needs.

Before making a business proposal, companies should be clear on exactly what they are offering, to whom they are offering it, and the consideration that they will receive in exchange for fulfilling the terms of the offer. Missing or incomplete information in a business proposal will often lead to the offer being rejected. What’s worse, in cases where inaccurate offers are accepted, businesses are often bound to the terms in their proposal even if they were included as a mistake. As a result, business proposals should be drafted and reviewed carefully before they are submitted.

This template will help you fill out a detailed, accurate, and complete business proposal that can be used when companies have been solicited for formal bids. Businesses should be aware that formal requests for proposals often include specific requirements, so business proposals should always be drafted according to the facts and circumstances relevant at the time. If you are submitting a business proposal, use this step-by-step guide to make a customized document that is accurate, complete, and professional.

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