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Catering Contract

This catering contract is an agreement you can use to hire a professional caterer.


  • Hiring a caterer for a personal or business event.
  • Creating a standard agreement to work as a caterer at a personal or business event.


If you’re putting on a large event or holding an all-day business meeting, it might be a good idea to provide your guests with something to eat. Whenever you hire a person to work at your home or business, however, you must ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to expectations and conditions for the job. Whether you are hiring a caterer for your wedding, business convention, or just to elevate the tone of a personal event, you can use this step-by-step form to create a catering contract that fits your needs.

Caterers typically provide their own food that you can order in advance. That way, you can make sure there is sufficient quantity and variety to suit your needs. Caterers can also help you with the more mundane tasks that often come with entertaining guests. They can help you keep the bar or buffet stocked, engage and entertain guests, and clean up at the end of an event. Professional caterers often employ talented chefs to design and cook their food, so you can sure to find something that everyone at your event can enjoy.

A caterer can add a lot of value to your business or personal event. However, it is critical to make sure that any agreement for catering services is clear and accurate. If you are considering hiring a caterer, use this interactive form to create a customized agreement that will create the framework for a successful professional relationship. Likewise, if you run a catering business, you can use this form to make a standard agreement that is easy to use and creates a professional presentation for your clients.