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Certificate of Final Completion

A certificate of final completion documents the finalization of all obligations under a contract.


  • Certifying that work has been fully performed under a contract
  • Complying with financial or regulatory documentation requirements regarding new construction.


Construction and remodel projects can last for long periods of time and move forward in various phases. It is critical for project managers to keep track of which contractors on a job have performed what work to ensue that everyone is doing as they are required to by the terms of their agreement. At the end of a job, a project owner or manager may require a certificate of final completion documenting that a certain contractor has performed all obligations required of him under the contract. Lenders also sometimes require a certificate of final completion before financing new construction projects, and housing authorities may require this document to comply with zoning regulations and bylaws.

A certificate of final completion is sometimes required before a contractor will receive final payment for the job, so when these forms are required it is critical that they are created quickly and accurately reflect the work that has been done. Your certificate of final completion should clearly state the main people involved in the construction project, when work commenced, when work was completed, and the final amount due under the agreement.

The certificate of final completion certifies that construction work was performed as agreed, and any mistakes or omissions on these documents may give rise to legal liability. To make sure that your certificate of final completion form is accurate and complete, even when you need it done fast, use this interactive form.