Certification of Living Trust

When to use Certification of Living Trust

Americans are asked for proof of their daily lives on a regular basis. In addition to being asked to verify their addresses, their passwords, their identities, their insurance coverage, their education, their employment, their citizenship status and even their births, Americans are regularly asked to provide proof of certain financial information. From confirming a checking account number to verifying the amount one currently has saved in a 401K account, an American adult never quite knows what kind of financial information he or she will be required to prove in order to achieve some financial, legal or practical end. It is for this reason that it can be helpful to have a certification of one’s living trust filed away for easy reference. That way, if your trustee, an estate administrator or an interested third party ever needs proof of your living trust, you can access that confirmation in a hassle-free way.


If you need to transfer investments to your living trust or if you simply want to keep proof of your living trust on file for easy reference, this form can help you to accomplish those goals. When your bank, a brokerage firm, a real estate agent, an estate representative, your trustee or another third party requires proof of your living trust (and the trustee’s authority to conduct business on behalf of that trust) easy access to this proof will be beneficial for everyone affected by that particular need.

Alternative Names

Certification of Inter Vivos Trust
Inter Vivos Trust Certification
Living Trust Certification
Certification of Revocable Trust
Revocable Trust Certification
Inter Vivos Trust Verification
Living Trust Verification
Joint Living Trust Verification
Verification of Inter Vivos Trust
Verification of Living Trus
Verification of Joint Living Trust