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Child Care Contract

When to use Child Care Contract

Whether you are either in the process of hiring a nanny to care for your child or you have recently secured a position as a nanny for a new family, it is important to clearly articulate the terms of the nanny-employer relationship and the expectations for the child care arrangement in question. If you do not clearly articulate these terms and expectations, each side remains vulnerable to economic, legal and practical vulnerabilities. Using a child care contract template can help both parents and nannies ensure that all “bases are covered” and that everyone’s interests are properly protected. Using this legal tool will also help to ensure that the nanny-employer relationship is healthy, productive and transparent, that the affected children receive the kinds of care they need and that potential misunderstandings are prevented from the start.


This document can be used to outline both the terms of the employer-employee arrangement between parents and nannies and can also be used to outline child care expectations. This template is customizable, so the terms you outline can be as specific or as general as you need them to be. You may wish to address the following employment topics within the context of your agreement: wages, vacation, hours, benefits, tax information and scheduling. You may also benefit from addressing the following child care expectations so that misunderstandings can be prevented: meals, discipline, transportation, medical care, visitors, bedtime and house rules.
Caring for children is a critically important job. Please do not be casual about the terms of a nanny agreement. Instead, take great care to make sure that all of your questions, concerns and expectations are addressed within the context of your child care contract.

Alternative Names

Nanny Agreement
Nanny Contract
Child Care Agreement
Child Care Provider Contract
Nanny Employment Agreement
Nanny Employment Contract
Nanny Work Agreement