Child Visitation Letter

When to use Child Visitation Letter

Co-parenting with a former romantic partner is never an easy or straightforward task. Whether you have been granted visitation rights (also commonly referred to as parenting time rights) or you have custody of your child and his or her other parent has been granted visitation rights, the “back and forth” of co-parenting is often a rocky path to tread. Thankfully, a number of legal and practical tools have been designed with co-parents in mind. By utilizing these tools thoughtfully, co-parents can navigate their relationship and obligations to both their children and each other more easily. For example, using a carefully constructed child visitation letter template can serve two purposes. First, it can help either parent to begin planning a visit between a child and his or her parent who has visitation rights. Second, it can provide a parent with guidance when he or she needs to give a co-parent notice that the court-ordered visitation terms they are all subject to are not currently being properly followed and/or respected.


When you need to plan parenting time/visitation or you need to place your co-parent on notice in regards to the ways in which he or she is failing to observe court-ordered visitation terms, consider using a child visitation letter as a starting point. You can be as specific as you need to be when documenting either plans or grievances. It has been frequently observed that children thrive when they know what to expect. The same can be said of co-parents. Using this letter template proactively (and/or reactively when necessary) will help to ensure that everyone affected by your child’s visitation orders knows what to expect and is on the same page.

Alternative Names

Child Visitation Agreement Letter
Parenting Time Planning Form