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Complaint to Landlord

When to use Complaint to Landlord

One of the major benefits associated with renting either commercial or residential real estate involves renters’ rights related to maintenance, upkeep and repair. When something with the building or the property goes wrong, it is generally the landlord’s responsibility to fix it. This is not to say that landlords are legally required to fix anything that goes amiss on the property they manage. If you make a mess in your space, you are generally obligated to clean it up. But if a feature of the building or the property (generally owned by the property, like appliances that come with an apartment and cannot be removed when a renter moves out) breaks or is unsafe, it falls to the landlord to fix it. Similarly, it is generally a landlord’s responsibility to ensure that the conditions of the property are safe for renters, unless that responsibility is specifically delegated. For example, unless the terms of your lease specify otherwise, your landlord is required to remove dangers like ice and snow from your walkways, driveways and common areas.


If you have a maintenance request or you need to lodge a formal complaint about an issue with your rental property, you can use this customizable complaint to landlord form to express your concerns in a clear, professional way. Please be sure to keep a copy of your complaint for your records in case you ever need to reference it again. Creating a record of maintenance requests and formal concerns can help to provide evidence in the event that your landlord is unresponsive and/or a hazard results in the need for legal action.

Alternative Names

Complaint to Landlord Form
Letter of Complaint to Landlord
Landlord Maintenance Request
Landlord Grievance Letter
Landlord Complaint Notification
Landlord Grievance Notification