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Confirmation Letter to Follow Up on a Phone Call

When to use Confirmation Letter to Follow Up on a Phone Call

Phone calls and easy online communication serve many important purposes. They make the transfer of news and information instantaneous, which is beneficial in personal, business and social contexts. However, there are still significant benefits associated with more traditional forms of communication. For example, if you have made a call or online contact with a business, government official, colleague or organization and need to follow up on what was discussed and/or any developments that have occurred since that exchange, sending a confirmation letter to follow up on a phone call can be an effective, concrete way to express your ongoing interest and investment in the situation at hand.


If you have made a phone call to a business, an organization, a government agency or even a colleague and would like to follow up on that conversation in a clear, professional and effective manner, use this confirmation letter to follow up on a phone call template to accomplish your aims. Using this form can be particularly helpful if you believe you may need to reference your words in the future and/or use it as evidence of your communication efforts. For example, if you have had your identity stolen and called your credit card company to notify your lender of this fact, you should follow up with a formal letter. That way, if your credit card company attempts to claim it was never notified and tries to hold you accountable for any unauthorized activity on your account, you can point to your letter detailing your initial contact and efforts to follow up.

Alternative Names

Phone Call Confirmation Letter
Phone Call Follow Up Confirmation
Confirmation of Phone Call Form