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Confirmation of Enrollment

When to use Confirmation of Enrollment

Are you getting ready to enroll in college courses? Or is your child about to transition from high school to college? In either event, you will likely need to obtain a confirmation of enrollment from the college in question to have on file. Why do you need to confirm that you (or your son or daughter) has been accepted and is enrolling at a specific college? This official document serves a number of purposes and is therefore good to have on hand.

For example, many family health insurance plans require a copy of a college student’s confirmation of enrollment in order to approve that individual’s health insurance for an extended period of time. Similarly, some courts require a confirmation of enrollment before an extension of child support benefits will be approved beyond an individual’s high school graduation date. You also may need a copy in order to empower another institution to release previous records or to properly award scholarship funds. As an added bonus, this confirmation may grant you access to certain discounts, like car insurance or travel discounts, depending on your situation and any offers being made by various businesses at this time. You never know exactly when you might need this document, so it is important to obtain a copy proactively.


If you or your child has recently been admitted to a collegiate institution or is already enrolled, you can use this confirmation of enrollment form to obtain an official copy of the student’s confirmation of enrollment. You will likely need to look up the address of the college registrar, as sending this form to a college’s general mailing address could result in unnecessary delays in processing your request.

Alternative Names

Enrollment Verification Form
Enrollment Verification Letter
Confirmation of Enrollment Form