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Contest Rules

Use these contest rules if you or your business are holding a competition or sweepstakes.


  • Holding a contest to promote your business
  • Holding a contest to promote your personal cause or event.


Holding a contest can be a fun way to drum up business or get the word out for a personal cause. If you are considering holding a contest, lottery, sweepstakes, or other similar activity where prizes are involved, use these contest rules to make sure that the contest is fair and you are compliant with applicable laws.

Many people don’t realize that contests can create legal contracts between the contestants and the person or business holding the contest. Pretty much any time an offer is made and accepted for value, a contract has been formed. So, if you are at a restaurant that advertises customers can “Eat a 72oz Steak in One Hour and Win $100!” you are contractually entitled to the payment if you do, in fact, manage to gobble down over four pounds of meat.

This interactive form will allow you to generate contest rules for your business or event that are clear and legally sound. These contest rules include customizable fields suitable for even your most creative promotion, including the method of entry, how and where contestants may enter, the prizes up for grabs, and how and when the winner will be notified. If you are considering holding a contest to raise awareness for your business, event, or personal cause, use these contest rules to create a good groundwork for success.