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Corporate Minutes

Corporate minutes are a written record of a company meeting, a list of including attendees and a description matters discussed.


  • Keeping records of company meetings for organizational purposes.
  • Keeping and maintaining records of shareholder and board of directors meetings.


While many of us attend meetings every day where no formal record is taken, keeping detailed corporate minutes is critical to ensuring efficient, long-term business operations.

Corporate minutes are the official written record of meetings held at a company. They are not meant to be transcripts of everything said, but they must completely and accurately reflect what was done at the meeting. Because minutes must be detailed yet succinct, organizations benefit from having specific rules regarding the taking of corporate minutes.

It is a good idea to keep minutes in all important company meetings, as they are often helpful to refer back to when assessing performance or tracking progress. However, minutes kept at meetings of the corporation’s shareholders and board of directors are important legal documents that must be kept and maintained carefully. Minutes can take any form that is most useful to the corporation, but they typically include succinct summaries of who called the meeting, the attendees, the date and time of the meeting, and all official decisions made among the attendee.

Corporate minutes are an important part of good recordkeeping practices, and they help maintain stability in long-term operations. Even when not required by law – as they often are in the case of board and shareholder meetings – having a good minute-taking procedure makes good business sense. This interactive form will help companies keep and maintain corporate minutes that are well-organized, accurate, and complete.