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Corporate Resolution

A corporate resolution records any decision on an issue up for vote before a corporate board of directors.


  • Recording a decision at a shareholder meeting.
  • Recording a decision at a board of director’s meeting.


When shareholders or a corporate board of directors vote on an issue at a meeting, their decision is captured in a corporate resolution. Corporate resolutions are included in corporate minutes, which will also record whether the resolution was accepted or rejected. Corporate resolutions are a powerful management tool that can affect a wide variety of business activities. Depending upon how the company is organized in its articles of incorporation and bylaws, corporate resolutions may be mandatory. For example, corporate bylaws commonly call for corporate resolutions whenever a new board member is voted in by the shareholders, issue stock, or when the company authorizes a large purchase or sale of assets. Banks, title companies, and security firms also commonly require corporate resolutions to clearly define which individuals are authorized to act on a corporation’s behalf. The form and structure of a corporate resolution vary, and corporations want to make sure that all resolutions clearly and adequately record the decisions made by shareholders and directors. Corporate resolutions can be relevant to shareholder litigation or other lawsuits involving major company decisions, so corporate managers must make sure that all resolutions are complete, accurate, and ready for inspection upon request. This interactive form gives you the opportunity to create your own corporate resolution that is accurate, complete, and properly formatted for effective filing.