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Credit Card Inquiry

When to use Credit Card Inquiry

Owning a credit card can be a freeing experience. Not having to carry and manage cash at all times, easy purchasing power online and itemized statements that help to inform household budgeting can all serve as genuine benefits of having a credit card. However, being a credit card holder can also be a uniquely stressful experience. It seems like not a week goes by without news that the credit card numbers used by customers of some major retailer have been hacked. As the accuracy of one’s credit score influences everything from the ability to buy a home to the ability to secure certain kinds of employment, it is imperative that inaccurate charges, incidents of identity theft and other extraordinary credit card activity is dealt with promptly and effectively. Submitting a credit card inquiry to your credit card issuer can help you to ensure that your credit card statement (and ultimately your credit score) is accurate.


If you are concerned that your credit card has been compromised, you are confused about a mysterious charge appearing on your statement or you otherwise need to address a problematic line on your credit card statement, use a formal credit card inquiry to communicate your concerns to your credit card company. Hopefully, your inquiry will be efficiently received and effectively processed so that you can continue using your card with confidence. But if your issuer does not respond promptly and adequately to your concerns, you can use your inquiry as evidence of your efforts to right the situation when challenging certain items on your credit card statement when you follow up with the company.

Alternative Names

Credit Card Statement Inquiry
Credit Card Charge Challenge Form
Credit Card Inquiry Letter
Suspicious Credit Card Charge Inquiry
Fraudulent Credit Card
Activity Inquiry