Credit Card Lost or Stolen

When to use Credit Card Lost or Stolen

Few financial “hiccups” are more frustrating than realizing that your credit card is either lost or has been stolen. If you are like most Americans, you likely depend on your credit card for regular purchasing power. In addition, the possibility of identity theft is real any time a credit card goes missing or is placed in the hands of an unauthorized user. As soon as you realize that your card is gone, consider calling your credit card company immediately and then following up on that call by submitting a formal “credit card lost or stolen” report form.


If you know that your credit card has been lost or stolen, use a formal “credit card lost or stolen” reporting form to communicate with the issuer of your credit card. This form is often most helpful as follow-up documentation to phone communication with your credit card company. Although a phone call notifies your credit card company right away that something is amiss, follow-up documentation may serve as a helpful reference and/or evidence down the line. If your credit card company disputes any transactions on your card, you can point to the date you sent this letter (and documented the time of your original call) to notify the company to stop authorized use on your card. Similarly, if law enforcement gets involved due to identity theft challenges, this form can help to document your efforts to notify the company and right the situation.

Alternative Names

Notification of a Lost or Stolen Credit Card,
Lost or Stolen Credit Card Report Form