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Credit Freeze Request

When to use Credit Freeze Request

Safeguarding sensitive personal data is a daily struggle for most American adults. From debit card information to Social Security numbers and passwords, it has become far too easy for individuals and businesses to obtain information most people prefer to keep as private as possible. When sensitive information is hacked or otherwise obtained and used for another’s personal gain, the consequences of identity theft can be widespread and long-lasting. If you have been the victim of a data breach, have noticed unauthorized activity on your credit card accounts or otherwise believe that you are vulnerable to incidences of identity theft, you may benefit from freezing your credit. Freezing your credit will allow you to safeguard your credit score by prohibiting others from opening new accounts in your name. Similarly, freezing your credit will help to prevent others from using your sensitive credit information in a host of other ways. As a result, it is generally a smart, proactive step to take whenever you become vulnerable to identity theft.


If you need to request that your personal credit be placed in a “frozen” state or you need to freeze the credit of a spouse, elderly parent or other loved one, you can use this request form to accomplish that time-sensitive task. You will need to contact all three major credit reporting agencies in order for this request to be effective across the board.

Alternative Names

Credit Report Freeze Request
Credit Freeze Request Form