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Credit Report Challenge

When to use Credit Report Challenge

Few financial documents are more consequential than credit reports. An individual’s credit report (and the credit score calculated in accordance with the contents of that report) helps to determine whether that person will be able to take out a line of credit and what limit, terms, interest rates and restrictions will be attached to any given line of credit. In addition, credit reports and their associated scores increasingly help to determine whether individuals are able to secure affordable housing, educational loans and even employment. As a result, it is critically important to protect the integrity of your credit report and its associated score. Checking your credit reports from all three major reporting agencies with some regularity is vital to safeguarding your personal financial interests in this way. If you notice that something on one or more of your reports is “not right,” you can submit a credit report challenge in order to remedy the situation at hand.


If you either need to challenge or clarify an item on your credit report, you can use this form to do so. Similarly, if your credit report continues to show activity that is older than seven years (or 10 years if you have filed for bankruptcy within that time period) you may use this form to have that information officially deleted. If the credit reporting agency takes issue with your request, it is required to investigate the mistake. When it becomes apparent that the matter at hand is indeed an error or information that cannot be readily verified, the reporting agency is required to correct it at no charge to you.

Alternative Names

Credit Report Dispute Notification
Credit Report Correction Request