Day Care Contract

This day care contract creates a legal agreement between a child care professional and a client.


  • Starting a new day care facility or freelancing as a childcare professional.
  • Hiring a childcare professional for your family.


When you are providing professional services, it is always best when your clients know exactly what to expect. This is particularly true when caring for children and families.

Whether you are opening a new day care or freelancing as a nanny or an au pair, it is critical that you comply with all federal and state laws. Every state has its own rules regarding licensing, hiring practices, disclosures, and best practices for child care providers. At the end of the day, child care professionals are responsible for maintaining compliance with these laws.

If you are a childcare professional, you should make sure to always have your documents in order. To keep your records straight, consider using this interactive template to make a day care contract that you can provide to all of your clients. You can include information that is relevant to your child care operations, ranging from payment terms and fees, to holiday schedules, meal offerings, and medical care.

Likewise, if you are a parent, any arrangement you make for childcare should be set forth in writing. Making sure your child’s needs are met while under the care of a professional is critically important, so use this interactive form to create a day care contract that describes all of your family’s expectations.