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Death Certificate Request Letter

When to use Death Certificate Request Letter

After an individual passes away, his or her affairs need to be addressed. Sometimes, that responsibility falls to an estate administrator or an estate representative. Sometimes, that responsibility falls to a surviving spouse, surviving adult child or other trusted loved one. Oftentimes, that responsibility is shared among an estate administrator and surviving loved ones. But regardless of who is handling the financial accounts, service accounts, insurance matters and other practical tasks left behind by the deceased, chances are that a death certificate will be required in order to get that individual’s affairs in order. It can be understandably frustrating to be working with a business, service provider or creditor and to hit a procedural road block in being asked to produce a death certificate you have yet to obtain a copy of. Thankfully, the process of obtaining a death certificate is relatively straightforward and is not time-intensive. If you do not yet have a copy of your loved one’s death certificate in your files for easy reference whenever you need it, you can use this form to accomplish that goal.


If you are either currently in need of a copy of your loved one’s death certificate or you anticipate that you will be asked by financial institutions, insurance providers and other service-oriented businesses to produce a death certificate copy in the future, you can request one by using this form. It is an easy form to fill out, so please do not be distressed by adding another item to your estate management to-do list. In the wake of losing a loved one, even the most ordinary task can seem daunting. This form is efficient and effective. Simply fill it out and send it (along with any required fees) to your state’s vital statistics office.

Alternative Names

Death Certificate Request
Death Certificate Release Form
Request Death Certificate Letter
Death Certificate Release Inquiry
Request Copy of Death Certificate