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Demand for Alimony Payment

When to use Demand for Alimony Payment

When a divorce is finalized, the terms of a former couple’s divorce settlement carries the force of law. As a result, when the terms of a divorce settlement are violated, the spouse who is suffering harm as a result of the other’s behavior can seek to enforce his or her rights. Oftentimes, a court will take a violation of a divorce agreement more seriously if it can be proven that the former spouse suffering harm took steps to enforce the terms outside the walls of the courtroom first before seeking the assistance of the family legal system.

For example, if the terms of a divorce settlement provide that one former spouse is to receive spousal support payments, also known as alimony payments, and those payments are not being made consistently and/or in-full, the individual owed support can send his or her ex a demand for alimony payment letter. This letter both serves as a reminder of that ex’s support obligations and can serve as proof that such a reminder was made before an enforcement action was filed with the court.


If you are owed spousal support payments, access to certain benefits, mortgage payment reimbursements or any other form of alimony and your ex is failing to meet his or her obligations, you can use this form to begin the process of enforcing your rights. If your ex still does not respond properly after you have served this reminder, it may be time to speak with an attorney about filing an enforcement action with the court. If the terms of your divorce settlement entitle you to alimony, do not feel hesitant about protecting your rights. Use this form as the first step in achieving that goal.

Alternative Names

Demand for Alimony Payment Form
Demand for Alimony Payment Letter