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Direct Mail Advertising Request

When to use Direct Mail Advertising Request

Would you like to see less physical junk mail in your personal or business mailbox? Would you like to receive more mail that is relevant to you, your family, your interests and/or your business? It is safe to say that most Americans are unaware that they have the power to tailor a great deal of the direct mail advertising that crosses their paths. By submitting a direct mail advertising request to the Direct Marketing Association, you can significantly alter the kinds of direct mail advertising you receive at your home and/or business address.


If you are interested in exercising your preferences as they pertain to the direct mail advertising you receive at your home and/or business address, consider using this direct mail advertising request in order to accomplish that aim. This request will allow you to significantly customize the kinds of direct mail sent to you by thousands of advertisers. The Direct Marketing Association helps consumers to both proactively reach out to advertisers within specified areas of interest and reject mailers from advertisers that are of no interest to them. As an added bonus, many advertisers reach out with excellent deals and coupons when consumers proactively note that they are interested in specified kinds of advertising. For example, if you specify that you are interested in receiving advertising about women’s fashion, you may be sent any number of great deals and coupons you would otherwise not have access to. Conversely, if you would like to reject advertisements related to women’s fashion (or any other advertising area of interest) you can stop many unwanted mailers from reaching your mailbox.

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