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Divorce Settlement Agreement

When to use Divorce Settlement Agreement

A couple can choose from many approaches to their divorce process. Sometimes, couples have fundamental differences and need to seek judicial intervention in order to iron out the details of the property division agreement and/or child custody arrangements. Other times, couples require some assistance from mediation sessions and/or attorney-led negotiation tactics in order to come to an agreement. However, there are also times when a divorce is so straightforward that a couple can iron out the practical terms of their divorce settlement themselves. When that is the preferred approach, that couple only needs to work with an attorney to “dot the Is and cross the Ts.” If you are seeking to achieve this final approach to divorce, you can use this customizable divorce settlement agreement in order to work through your property division and/or child custody expectations with your spouse.


There are two primary ways you can choose to use this customizable divorce settlement agreement form. First, you may work with your spouse to reach tentative divorce settlement terms and then use this outline to inform your initial consultations with your separate attorneys. You can use this document this way regardless of your financial circumstances and regardless of whether you are parents to minor children. Second, if you do not own a home, do not have significant mutual assets and do not share minor children, you may be able to use this form to formally file for divorce once you and your spouse have achieved mutual agreement concerning your divorce settlement terms. Every state imposes different restrictions and requirements regarding this kind of fast-track divorce, so it may benefit you to check with your divorce attorney before filing this paperwork formally.

Alternative Names

Marital Separation Agreement
Marital Dissolution Agreement