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Education Cost Worksheet

When to use Education Cost Worksheet

College tuition, room, board, books and other collegiate expenses are notoriously high. As a result, parents and aspiring college students alike need to be aware of the kinds of expenses they should anticipate during a student’s “higher education” years. By anticipating these costs, parents can begin saving wisely in order to meet their expected family contribution to tuition down the road. Similarly, when teens are rapidly approaching their date of matriculation, anticipating their financial aid needs can help them to select the college that is right for them and for their finances. Using a carefully tailored education cost worksheet can help to achieve either or both of these aims.


If you are a parent concerned about saving for college or an aspiring college student with questions about how much financial aid you can expect, consider using this education cost worksheet as a starting point for addressing your college expenses questions, concerns, priorities and expectations. Whether you are curious about how much you should be saving for your child’s eventual college expenses as you plan your annual budget or you want to determine how much your own collegiate education will likely cost you, this worksheet can help. In addition, you can use this resource to compare tax incentives and college investment plans, if you are planning on saving for college over a significant period of time.

It is important to note that this worksheet can be updated and revised as often as it makes sense for your family’s finances. If your child is not leaving for college for at least a few years, your family’s financial situation is likely to evolve before your costs become urgent. As a result, this worksheet can be updated to reflect that evolution as often as you need it to be in order to obtain an accurate assessment of your situation.

Alternative Names

College Expenses Worksheet
Cost of College Worksheet
Cost of Education Worksheet