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Electrical Service Agreement

This electrical service agreement forms a contract between an electrician and project owner defining the terms and conditions of electrical services.


  • Hiring an electrician for a construction or renovation project
  • Offering professional electrician services


If you are constructing a new building or remodeling one with outdated wiring, you will probably need to hire an electrician. Indeed, many states require licensed electricians to perform certain types of electrical services, as this type of work can be too dangerous for untrained individuals.

Unless you already have experience in the electrical field, you should probably leave electrical service up to a professional. Electricians are commonly hired to upgrade circuit breakers, install electrical outlets and lighting, and set up any special electrical infrastructure required for your home or business. However, whenever you hire an electrician to install or renovate electrical wiring, make sure you have a clear, written agreement explaining the terms and conditions of the work.

This electrical service agreement creates a binding contract between a property owner and an electrician, and the electrical services provided must be carried out according to its terms. Any delay, cost overrun, failure to perform, or defective material can give rise to legal liability on behalf of the electrician, so parties should use this interactive form to customize the terms of their electrical service agreement to suit their need.

If you are a professional electrician, consider using this electrical services agreement as a standard business form for your business. You can use this interactive, step-by-step guide to develop a standard agreement that includes terms regarding important business practices.