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Employment Resignation Letter

When to use Employment Resignation Letter

Nowadays, it is exceedingly rare that an individual spends his or her entire career at a single company. This is especially true if an individual is neither tied to a family enterprise nor opened his or her own business immediately after completing educational pursuits. As a result, it is highly likely that, at minimum, you will need to resign from an employment position at least once during your lifetime. Quitting a job can be an uncomfortable, vulnerable business. Thankfully, you can use a written declaration in order to clearly articulate your intentions in an efficient, professional way. This employment resignation letter can help you to achieve that very task.


If you need to resign your current employment position, you can use this customizable employment resignation letter template in order to communicate your commitment to leave your job. It is generally a good idea to have a date of resignation in mind, so that your employer is made aware of exactly how much time you intend to remain at your post. It is important to note that you may be required to give a certain period of notice before you leave your position as per the terms of your employment contract. Failure to provide this notice period could result in a loss of certain benefits, a specific penalty or the loss of a positive reference for future employment.
Every resignation scenario is different. You may feel the need to explain why you are leaving or you may feel that notice of a resignation effective date is sufficient. Either way, you can use this customizable employment resignation letter to begin the process of terminating your relationship with your current employer. Please keep a completed copy of this letter for your reference, in case you ever need to access it again.

Alternative Names

Resignation Letter
Letter of Resignation
Employment Letter of Resignation
Notification of Resignation