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An exhibit is a legal document submitted as evidence in a court case.


  • Providing evidence in a legal case
  • Preparing evidence for a potential legal case


Judicial courts have very specific rules when it comes to the submission and review of evidence. If you need to submit documents attached to legal filings, you typically must submit them as an exhibit.

If you or your business are named as parties in a law suit, you will more than likely have to produce evidence to support your side of the case. For example, you may want to submit a copy of a deed into evidence in a dispute about the ownership of a piece of property, or you may wish to submit a receipt showing you made a particular purchase in a court case involving defective delivery. If you wish to attach and submit new documentary evidence to a court, use this interactive form to create an accurate and complete exhibit.

Evidence is closely regulated by courts because it is so important to make sure that the correct evidence is used to resolve a case. Exhibits must be accurate, complete, and formatted and submitted according to the rules of the jurisdiction in which the case was brought. Use this interactive form to create an exhibit that you can use to provide evidence in a formal proceeding