FBI – CIA Records Request

When to use FBI – CIA Records Request

Americans are entitled to obtain certain government records related to their personal interests. For example, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Central Intelligence Agency are both compelled, under certain circumstances, to turn some records kept on Americans over to those individuals upon formal request. Certainly, the extent of the records that the FBI and CIA must produce varies as a result of certain exceptions to transparency-related laws that may apply in individual cases However, most of the time these federal agencies are obligated to turn over certain records if an eligible person asks for them. Using a formal FBI-CIA records request form will help you to professionally and efficiently communicate your desire to see any files that these agencies have on you that must be disclosed upon request.


If you are interested in obtaining any files that the FBI and/or CIA have on you, you may use this formal FBI-CIA records request form to submit a clearly articulated and professional looking petition to have them sent to you. In general, you will not need any special reason in order to obtain publicly accessible files. When it comes to sensitive documentation concerning its citizens, it is critically important that government files are accurate. You may simply wish to check your files over in order to make sure that they are indeed accurate. This review process may be especially beneficial if you are planning to apply for a high-security job and want to make sure that inaccurate information does not cost you the position you are seeking. It is possible that neither the FBI nor the CIA keeps an active file on you, but you will not know for sure until you formally request the contents of any file related to your person.

Alternative Names

Intelligence Agency Records Request
Open Records Request